German-American Inheritance Case

Currently, we are representing a client in a cross-border inheritance case.  His sister had immigrated into the US, and passed away a few months ago.  She left some real estate in New Jersey and in Hawaii, other property and savings and IRA accounts with banks in different American states.  Her brother, our client, did not know about the differences in the legal systems, neither did his former attorney who has experience only with domestic estates and who had to be replaced by an attorney who knows how to work on international cases thet involve jurisdictions with different legal systems.  Hence a dispute arose between the brother (sole heir) and another relative who lives in the US and who was willing to administer the estate of the deceased, and who have asked if their grandchild could buy some a home that belongs to the estate, which led to some more misunderstandings.  By explaining to client and to the Americans involved why some essential differences in our legal systems led to misunderstandings and how the issues could be resolved, we already have achieved that they are back to friendly conversation and willing to cooperate in settling the estate.  This case shows how important it is to chose a specialized lawyer for having a good chance to be successful.

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